General Guidelines

  1. Anyone who wishes to conduct any form of lottery by whatever name called must apply for a license/permit from the Commission
  2. There are 3 classes of licence granted by National Lottery Regulatory Commission (NLRC) namely:
  • Lottery Licence
  • Sports betting licence
  • Promotional: SMS/ USSD, Interactive Scheme, Scratch Cards and Web Based, and as may be defined from time-to-time.
  1. The application/ licence process for each class of licence differs and the applicant must abide by the requirements relevant to its proposed scheme.
  2. All payments to NLRC must be through Remita platform or bank draft payable to National Lottery Regulatory Commission
  3. Application fee and duration for all categories are listed below:
  • Lottery Licence: N2,000,000.00
  • Sports Betting Permit: N2,000,000.00
  • Permits: This is categorized as: SMS/ USSD, Interactive Scheme, Scratch Cards and Web-Based, Consumer Sales Promo, etc.(Application fee is subject to document review)
  1. Approval process comprises of 3 phases: Application stage, Pre-approval phase and Post- Approval phase
  2. Applicants must submit an application letter with a completed application form, comprehensive proposal, and application fee to NLRC.
  3. All relevant sections of the form should be filled in capital letters except when signing or providing an email address.
  4. Duly Completed forms (signed by a Director and Company Secretary) and supporting documents should be submitted to the Commission.
  5. Upon receipt of the application, NLRC will review the application within 21 business days; where necessary, the applicant may be asked to provide additional information/ documentation which may extend the review period.
  6. The applicant will be notified of the status (approved or rejected) of the application at the end of the review period. Successful applications will proceed to the licensing process.
  7. Approved applicants for Lottery License and Sports Betting Permit will be invited to make a presentation to NLRC on the proposed gaming scheme.
  8. Inspection: NLRC delegates will inspect the facilities- server center, providers, head office, model outlets– of the prospective operator to ensure compliance with approved standards.
  9. The Lottery Licence or Sports Betting Permit Approval in principle period shall be 90days from the day of issuance.
  10. The applicant must fulfil all approval conditions within the stipulated period.
  11. During the Approval in principle period, the applicant may be required to submit additional documents in support of the proposed operation, fulfil inspection requirements and pay the statutory fee(s) in full.
  12. Successful applicants must execute Terms & Conditions of operation as part of the approval process.
  13. Contact details of applicants who successfully complete the process will be uploaded on the Commissions website.
  14. NLRC must be notified of changes in business structure, details, and proposed operations of applicants during the application review/licence period.
  15. Misrepresentation or supply of false information to the Commission is a ground for revoking a license/permit
  16. Gaming operators are not allowed to modify/alter/amend the particulars/modalities of an approved lottery scheme or promotional lottery without prior approval of NLRC.
  17. Pre-incorporation: For applicants who are yet to incorporate their company, the promoters will apply for approval to incorporate a lottery/ betting/ gaming company in Nigeria. Documents required:
  • An application letter for approval to register a Company with lottery/ betting/ gaming objectives in Nigeria.
  • Copy of the Name reservation approval issued by the Corporate Affairs Commission.
  • Remitta Payment in the sum of N10, 000 (Ten Thousand Naira) in favour of National Lottery Regulatory Commission.
  1. Persons holding political office or in the public service are prohibited from having a financial interest in a national licence.
  2. Persons under the age of 18 years are prohibited to be registered as a Director of a Lottery/Sports Betting Company.
  3. Persons under the age of 18years are prohibited from participating in any lottery event.
  4. Promotional Permit Applicant that are quoted companies is not required to provide details of all their shareholders.
  5. A Permit holder seeking for reissuance or extension for the commencement of its permit must notify the Commission in due time and such reissuance or extension shall be at the discretion of the Commission.

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