The National Lottery Regulatory Commission was established by the National Lottery Act 2005 carries out a number of regulatory activities to sanitize and grow the lottery industry in Nigeria. These include but are not limited to the following.

Setting Standards

We set standards, guidelines and rules for the operation of national lottery in Nigeria, to promote transparency, propriety and integrity.

Protection of Players

We ensure the protection of the interest of Lottery Industry Stakeholders, the Public and Lottery Players.

Vetting of Lottery Licence Applicants:

We undertake regular checks on lottery license applicants, licence holders and permit holders as scheduled by the (b) of the National Lottery Regulations 2007, which gives us an unfettered authority to inquire and/or verify any information given by an applicant with any government, quasi-government, body or agency in Nigeria and/or overseas.

Licensing of Lottery Operations

We make recommendations to the president for the grant of licence/permit to eligible applicants. As provided for in the National Lottery Act 2005, the National Lottery Regulation 2007 and 2015.

Witnessing of Draws

We witness to authenticate lotteries involving draws and distribution of prises or gifts to ensure transparency and integrity, as required by section 27(3) of the National Lottery Regulation 2007.

Overseeing Statutory Remittances to the Trust Fund:

We ensure that all licenced lottery operators make their statutory remittance to the Lottery Trust Fund established under section 35 as required by section 24 of the National Lottery Act 2005.

Independent Verification of Winners:

We through our Monitoring and Enforcement Department, embark on verification exercise to ensure that Lottery Operators duly comply with section 31(1) of the National Lottery Act 2005 and section h(i) of the National Lottery Regulation 2007 which requires that all lottery prize winners get their claims from Lottery Operators.

Arbitrate on Disputes Between Players and Operators:

We amicably resolve petitions and complaints by investigating and arbitrating disputes between players and operators when the need arises, to ensure no one is shot changed.

Collaboration with Enforcement Agencies:

We collaborate with law enforcement agencies and sister regulatory bodies as provided for in section 31(1) of the National Lottery Regulation 2007, in sanitizing the lottery industry. They include NPF, EFCC, DSS, NSCDC, NCC etc.

Clamp down on Illegal Operators:

We, in collaboration with the Law Enforcement Agencies halts and prosecute illegal lottery operators, as well as seal off their premises, where and when necessary.

Vetting of Lottery Adverts:

We evaluate Lottery Marketing, Communication, Advertising, Promotion and Operations, especially to ensure that they comply with NLRC Code of Practice as prescribed by the NLA 2005 and NLR 2007 respectively.

Enlightenment Campaign:

We embark on lots of enlightenment campaigns to reduce the high level of ignorance, negative stereotypes, misconceptions and misleading information about lottery and its industry.

Information on Lottery Business Opportunities:

We provide enormous education on the vast investment opportunities in the lottery industry that are still waiting to be tapped.

To be a trusted regulator of lotteries for Good causes in National Development.

Committed to sustainable and transparent lotteries driven by professionalism and leading technologies for social and economic development, meeting the needs of stakeholders.


  • Integrity
  • Transparency
  • Accountability
  • Professionalism
  • Equity

Our Corporate Culture

We run an enabling working environment where everyone counts. At all times, upholding our core values is paramount to our daily activities at the Commission.